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I am a 24 year old girl taking her first steps in the world of burlesque. My burlesque name is Zelda Kelly and THIS is where I’ll be posting anything that inspires me.

I am totally obsessed with Montabahn Pasties!

They are a company based in British Columbia and their handmade pasties and tassels are just….weird. That’s the only appropriate word. But weird is amazing! 

They make tradition pasties too which are lovely and so well made, but these three are the ones that I desperately want to own: Cthulu, Grumpy Cat, Fat Unicorn. I need them in my life. 

Thanks to Montabahn I’m dreaming about having the world’s most bizarre pasties collection. ONE DAY! One day….

Check them out here: http://www.montabahn.com/

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    HALLELUJAH. Making pasties is the single-most annoying thing on the planet. And these are actually pretty affordable!
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    I gave them the challenge of making me custom pork rind pasties for my “Cabane à Sucre” act, and THEY FUCKING DID IT....
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